Hi all

Overnight, some rp.connect sites may have received a contact form from someone calling themselves “Hon. Justice Dirarou Sidibe“.

This email is a scam/hoax, and should be deleted.

The body of the email stated:


I am Hon. Justice Dirarou Sidibe,I came across your agent profile. Please get in touch with me through my private email address ([email protected]) as soon as you can. Please i need to discuss a very big transaction with you ok!!

Warmest regards,
Hon. Justice Dirarou Sidibe

If there are links or certain email domains, we can usually block these before they reach you, but this type of one looks like it would not be possible to detect automatically.

So the best advice I can give, is to trust your gut instincts and emails like this should be deleted. Please get in touch at [email protected] if you have any questions.

– Mike Salway