To sell a property faster and with minimal vendor discounting, you need to engage with your vendor to agree on the most appropriate listing price.

The beauty of using rp.lister to create a dynamic CMA when conducting a presentation is that the vendor sets their own price, based on their own local knowledge and guided by your expertise.

Collaborate & Agree The Listing Price

Once you have downloaded rp.lister, here are some quick tips to getting the most out of the iPad app:

  • When preparing to use rp.lister, you set the foundation price range so that there are no surprises, then simply collect the data of the vendor’s property and introduce the comparable properties.  It takes just five minutes of preparation to find the most appropriate comparable properties for your vendor.
  • Being based on the iPad, it’s fast and easy to bring the rp.lister presentation to the vendor, anywhere that’s convenient, without the need to set up any other technology.
  • Let the vendor use the value slider on each comparable property to come to a closer price range.
  • Practice with an example property and role play your presentation in advance, as you want to be confident around the device when meeting with the vendor.
  • Make sure your recent sales (trophy room) are set on the front page to firmly establish your track record as an agent.
  • If you include a video testimonial on your Agent Profile, download it to your iPad rather than connecting online to YouTube, to avoid hassles with connectivity in the field.

Introduce Yourself With Agent Profile

The effect is simple – the vendor has arrived at their own market price – then it’s simply a matter of closing the deal…

Get in early, as usage of this type of device is soon going to explode, so early adopters will get the biggest bang.  Download rp.lister today to get in at the ground floor and start making a name for yourself as an experienced user and successful seller.

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