Real estate agents we speak to that use the Comparative Market Analysis report are always great advocates of ensuring they give their vendor the best and most up to date information possible to make their decisions.

But these agents don’t always think of providing the same level of information to a buyer, something that can dramatically affect your level of service and win you more business.


When can you offer a buyer a CMA?

  • At open houses  – Have a CMA displayed next time you open a property for inspection.  This offers your buyers confidence on the area’s price and range, so that they may make you stronger offers.
  • When negotiating – Use the CMA to help bring the buyer to the market price.  This will place you in a stronger position and help you sell faster.
  • In an information pack – Offering a branded CMA to a potential buyer gives them something to pass around to family members in the local area.  Doing this on a regular basis will help raise your profile, placing you in a strong postion to win more business.


Some tips on building a buyer’s CMA

  • Make the CMA simple, only including the relevant statistics.
  • Only include sold local properties; leave the On the Market properties out.
  • Ensure your CMA is properly branded with your agency colurs, logo, and with your own contact details.


Agents will agree that leaving a good impression at an open house often earns an invitation to appraise in the future.  By providing this level of service, you give yourself the best opportunity to win more business.

For more information on creating a CMA and helping property buyers and sellers put it to use, contact us on 1300 734 318 or visit to book a training session.