Another enhancement made in RP Professional is the Advanced Filters in the Refine Search panel of the Search Results. The enhancements were made in response to customer feedback in which criteria should be grouped logically to make it easier to refine a search.

This enhancement has two benefits:

  1. It should assist you in quickly tracking down specific attributes and features when you are searching for properties, and more importantly,
  2. You can include the specific ‘stand out’ or unique aspects of your client’s property when you are listing it and by running an advanced filter search you can see whether there are many competing properties in a suburb which have these same attributes.

Visit our quick 'how to' videos for a simple demoThe advanced search function is part of the Refine Search tool bar on the left side of the RP Professional system. Simply select the ‘Advanced Filters’ link and it will provide you with the available features that you can search on in that suburb. You can search on anything which comes up: from golf frontages to tennis courts and even the year a property was built.

The latest enhancement has grouped the Advanced Filters into some of the following categories:

  • Internal (features of a property)
  • External (features of a property)
  • Property value (including Unimproved capital value, year built/refurbished)
  • Frontage
  • Services available
  • Commercial (fees)

For more information watch the “Refining Your Property Search Results” video or call our friendly Customer Care Team on 1300 734 318.