The recently released 2012 Residential Real Estate Benchmarking Report by Macquarie Relationship Banking shows that 50% of agencies surveyed attribute new business sales to two sources:

1. Repeat business, and
2. Word of mouth or referrals.

RP Data can assist with the generation of repeat business by helping you enhance a client’s experience every time.

There are many tools at your disposal which you can provide to your client at no extra cost to you including:

  • Comparative Market Analysis Reports (CMA)
  • Valuation Services
  • Suburb Statistics Reports
  • Recent sales and auction Results

Your client will appreciate the extra level of service and information. This should leave a favourable impression for the next time they need the services of an Agent. Even if they decide to try out another Agent, if they don’t get that level of service they could come back to you for all the added value you can provide.

Using RP Data to keep up to date with information relating to your suburb will also make you a local expert and your clients will appreciate your knowledge and advice.

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