It’s displayed on your RP Professional home page each time you log in, yet there are still agents who have not yet explored the great opportunity of getting their sales promoted by RP Data’s extensive online and print channels. And the best part is, you can upload your recent sales via the RP Professional homepage in the Promote Me! tab.

To do this click on the Upload Sales button within the Promote Me! tab in your RP Professional homepage screen. Search for the property you have recently sold (if it doesn’t already appear on the left side of the page in the ‘Recent History’ field).

Once you have located the property you wish to update as a recent sale, a ‘pop-up’ box will appear prompting you to add the relevant sales details. Once the information is saved, your name and agency will be assigned to the property as one of your recent sales. These sales and auction results are then shared by RP Data with various media channels which are advertised to buyers and sellers, both online and in print. To see where your sales can be promoted, click here and read more.

It’s so quick and easy to do, so why not check it out today by logging in to RP Professional.

For more information on all of the avenues your sales can be promoted, or alternative ways to submit your sales, visit or contact our Agent Advice team on 1300 734 318 – option 3.