Knowing the latest marketing secrets, tips and tricks is essential to sustaining AND growing your business, and providing quality education to your clients. There are many “experts” out there that have “the secrets”. I find the best way to stay in touch with current marketing is to observe it. What marketing gets your attention and how can you change it to suit your industry?

Most people throw junk letters in the bin. Why? Here’s an idea for you. Next time your junk mail arrives in your letter box, keep it and read it. Now if you see it appearing week after week it probably works. No company is going to continue to invest in direct mail if they don’t get results (it’s different for email marketing because it doesn’t cost anything, so people can blast you with emails all the time without getting responses). But paper based direct marketing can be extremely effective as most people have way too much junk hitting their inboxes and it’s becoming ineffective.

If a direct mail piece grabs your attention, here’s what you do. Call the company and pretend to be a secret shopper. See how they handle your enquiry, tell them you’re a business owner and you’re interested in marketing. Ask them how the marketing piece worked for them, what results they got, and then if it has worked, copy it, change it for your client base and industry and get it out.

Other ways of staying educated is to attend marketing events, subscribe to marketing e-newsletters – and read them, then when something grabs your attention see if you can create a marketing piece that is similar.

Go to marketing workshops designed for your industry. Attend your professional development days and other industry events. I find it really interesting how many brokers DO NOT attend industry events. Now I do understand that sometimes these can be quite expensive, but usually, if you get one great idea from these events, that helps you write one extra loan that you wouldn’t have had, it usually pays for itself. And the good news is that typically less than 3% of your industry attends these events so you have these tips pretty much all to yourself.

Then if you know the workshop implementation percentage you’re on a real winner IF you implement the ideas. Did you know that less than 5% of workshop participants actually use the information gained at the session?

So get to these events. They are an important part of staying ahead of the rest of your industry.

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Did you know?
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