Donating to charities and sponsoring special causes is becoming increasingly important for clients and companies alike. Many clients are now asking what charitable and social policies are in place prior to engaging a company in business.

A recent article in Australian Broker Online1 told of a former broker who has established a charity ‘Do you do charity?’ which pays a percentage of upfront sales to clients who ask that trigger question.

The property and finance industry has a long history of charitable and community work. As a client, there is something reassuring about a business that supports a charity and has an ingrained ethos of community involvement. It is also important to publish this aspect of your business in reports and on your website, yet avoid over promotion or appearing that you are doing it for the sake of promotion.

One way to integrate charitable donations into your business is to donate to charity every time a client refers you. You could further personalise your gratitude for the referral, if you are able to, by donating to a charity that is close to your client’s heart. Then you could let them know that you have done that with a personal thank you card or email and provide a free Comparative Market Report to keep your client up to date on their property situation.

Social media is a great platform for referrals and testimonials and an easy way for you keep track of positive client comments. You could post information about the charity you support on your rp.connect page or for every client that ‘likes’ your facebook page you could donate an amount to your chosen charity.

However you choose to do it, incorporating charitable donations and community involvement into your business benefits everybody and is rewarding in so many ways.

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1 Source: Former broker in business charity push.