Helpful TipsThe most common use of the RP Data Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) reports by real estate agents is in listing appraisals.  We are also beginning to see more and more agents use the reports to promote engagement with property purchasers in the buying phase.

But how can a CMA be used to target the best prospective clients in an area?

One way is to use a CMA report is as part of your next marketing campaign. A direct marketing campaign that offers local statistics for the area and, upon request, a free detailed report on a property with no obligations could prove tempting to interested consumers, and can even work in newspaper and online advertising via social media.

Just as accepted as a visit to a property, CMA reports can be passed to family and friends by consumers, which helps promote you and your agency thanks to their customised branding. What’s more, you know that the consumers that request a report are serious prospects, worth keeping in touch with in times to come.

When using a CMA report in your marketing:

  • Make sure the CMA is properly branded with your agency details
  • Check the CMA before sending to make sure it relates well to the prospect’s property – don’t send a generic ‘one size fits all’ report
  • Keep the report simple and straightforward – do not include On The Market™ information or comparison pages
  • Where possible, collect relevant information from the consumers that request a report, to better keep in touch in the future
  • Once the report is sent, invite the cold leads to become your fan on Facebook or other social media sites to keep your relationship strong

These campaigns of emailed PDF files can very inexpensive, and our feedback from agents says that they work very well.

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