The most recent update to the RP Data property system is the Pan & Zoom Map Report feature. You can adjust a property’s mapping view and also zoom in to your desired position. With your new aerial map image you can then print the page from your property details screen. The Pan & Zoom Map Report feature also lets you reposition an image in a CMA report. In the ‘Preview’ stage simply reposition the map view and the image will automatically update in the CMA report.

You may want to adjust the original aerial view being displayed if the map positioning does not match your marketing campaign for a property, or to simply showcase certain strong points of a property e.g. Reposition the map view to show that a property is positioned on the water, the distance the property is from the canal to the main river or nearby facilities, parks etc. For the property below, it is located on the water in a quiet canal area, but perhaps it would be good to adjust the aerial map currently being displayed to showcase how close the property is from the main river also.

The Pan & Zoom Map Report feature also works well for rural properties. If the aerial map is not displaying what you need, you can zoom in on the property to help establish where it is in relation to its boundary, main road or any other nearby amenities, depending on your marketing communications. For the rural property below, you may want to showcase to the client where the house is positioned in relation to the property estate, or neighbouring properties. In this case you would zoom in and adjust slightly for the correct positioning.



Adjusting a properties map view in your CMA reports

The Pan & Zoom Map Report feature also lets you adjust the aerial map image when you are in the preview stage of your CMA report. Simply click on the hand icon in the ‘Aerial Photo’ tab of your properties map and adjust the image to your desired view. In the below example, you may want to promote how close the waterfront property is from the canal to the main river.


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Pan & Zoom Map video