Have you searched high and low for a particular property which you know exists but just can’t find it? From time to time the property you are trying to locate might not initially appear in your search results. There may be a number of reasons for this, for example the property might lie on the border of two suburbs or a street name is misspelled.

If this happens there some quick tools you can use to find the property once you log in to RP Professional:

If you have the Lot Number and DP or SP you can use the “Search tab” which is located at the top right of your RP Professional homepage.

Select “Parcel tab” enter the Lot Number, followed by a ‘forward slash’ and the DP or SP number.

You can also search by using the property owner’s surname and suburb in the “Name tab”.

Another option is to use the RP Map Tool within the Property Tasks.

Once you have selected the map icon, and the map appears on a new page, go to “Info” and click on “Find Property Detail”. This will enable you to select another property in that vicinity which will display on your initial webpage.

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