How often have you seen a main road property advertised with words like: ‘Whisper quiet’? Who do they think they are kidding? More to the point, who do they actually think this advertisement is going to attract?

You might object and say that the property really is whisper quiet, but that’s not the point. Buyers looking for a very quiet location will not buy on a main road – period! This is the wrong ad for the wrong people.

The purpose of advertising is to attract the right people. There are plenty of factors that qualify their interest: budget, accommodation, location and so forth. Quietness is just one potential factor. But if this is an essential quality for a buyer, then they will simply ignore the busy road property, or drive past it when they see the location.

The main reason that someone will buy on a busy road is that it represents good value for money. They get more of their essential requirements; the trade-off is the location. For some people this is reasonable. For others, it is not.

There are even some people who want to buy on a main road. They like the activity. Perhaps the location is convenient for transport.

Advertising should concentrate on the positives; not try to wish away the negatives.      

Dr Gil Davis is now a university lecturer. For twenty five years, he was one of Australia’s top-selling real estate agents. He wrote Sell for more, available through Harper Collins.

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