All Real Estate agents want to use as many positive facts possible to market a vendor’s property. One of the key benchmarks many buyers look at when in the market to buy property is its nearby surroundings, i.e. the distance the property is from schools, supermarkets, transport systems, CBD, recreational parks and so on. In addition, knowing the dimensions of the block and benchmarking to its neighbouring blocks can also assist in gaining more interest.

RP Data Mapping tool makes this easy for you to measure, so that you can tweak and prepare your presentations more effectively to potential buyers. The feature uses the dimension tool within the mapping feature and will give you quick snap shots of the property and its surroundings.

NB: These are always rough estimates and if you need accurate dimensions you should always relay on plans.

To work the dimensions tool, simply:

  1. Select the property using the RP Data Property System
  2. Click on the mapping icon under the property photo
  3. Once the map loads select the Distance tool in the heading menu
  4. Then click, hold and drag your mouse from distance A to B. The distance will be shown in meters (as shown below).

For more information watch the Mapping with “RP Map” video, read the Getting Started Guide or call our friendly Customer Care Team on 1300 734 318.