The summer break provides a great opportunity to review your key account management plans for 2013 and RP Data’s product offerings can dovetail into this strategy.

Doug Mathlin of FrontRunner Consulting Group, speaking on Australian Broker Online has the following tips to share:

  1. Assess your 2012 relationships. What worked well? What didn’t work well? Mr Mathlin recommends setting goals and targets for the relationship and establishing what things that need to do be done this year to make the relationship better and more profitable.

With RP Data you can track your client’s property activity by setting up alerts in the system. January is a great time to refresh your alerts in RP Professional and set up new ones for your important clients.

  1. Be sure that your clients understand your value proposition. What are the value-adds you provide your customers? What will impress them beyond their expectations?

There are many tools within RP Data that you can use to impress your clients and strengthen relationships. For example: Is your client thinking of selling their home in the near future? You could use this opportunity to provide your client with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report and an AutoVal (AVM) report to help them understand their property’s current value.

  1. Post-transaction. Once you have delivered the service, respond back and ask them what they thought. How can you do it differently to improve the service offered? This will confirm that you are there not just there for the transaction but for the long term relationship.

Look to build a ‘repeat and refer’ business, these tips should lead you in the right direction for a successful 2013.

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Content source: Australian Broker Online