A recent article in Mortgage Professional Australia Online1 reported on the “Top 5 secrets of success of Australia’s top franchise brokers”. These five vital elements can also be enhanced even further with your RP Data subscription.

The top five secrets of success were listed as:

  1. Brand: “A strong brand can be a massive boost to your business”
  2. Referrals: “A customer referral is worth more than its weight in gold”
  3. Teamwork: “Quality teamwork is a crucial element to success”
  4. People: “Customers will get the same experience regardless of who they speak to”
  5. Customer Service: “Put the client first”

In terms of brand, RP Data’s rp.connect enables you to promote your own personal brand, as well as your company’s brand. Utilise your rp.connect site for Google searches, testimonials, blogs, Facebook, twitter, YouTube videos and property sales. For tutorials, activating your site, to log in or book training visit rpdata.com/connect and get started today!

Referrals are crucial to a Broker’s business. Reward clients who refer you by offering to provide them with a Comparative Market Report (CMA) which will provide them with an updated market view of their property. Clients that refer you to others might also be happy to provide you with a testimonial, and give you permission to post it on your rp.connect site.

Working together as a team is important in any business, big or small. By ensuring that all members are trained on the RP Data Property System, any team member will be able to step in and help out another to prepare a CMA, On the Market report or search for a property.

Having good people in your business means being on the same page as the rest of the team. With RP Data you can pick up with a client where your colleague left off in terms of locating recent searches, looking up properties and providing suburb statistics.

What better customer service mantra is to ‘under promise and over deliver’? With RP Data you can provide the unexpected for your client in terms of reporting and market analysis. These tools are free for you to use and will win over your clients every time.

Log in to rp.professional today to generate your top five secrets to success. For more information on how to design reports or access training, call 1300 734 318, watch our many RP Professional how-to videos or visit rpdata.com/training to book an advanced training session.

1Source: Five business lessons from top franchises. http://www.brokernews.com.au/mpa/article/five-business-lessons-from-top-franchises-128226.aspx