CoreLogic is in the unique position to acquire and expose new data assets that we know will be beneficial to our customers. This includes the new Development Zone data attribute, now available on the Property Detail page in RP Data Professional.

Know the development potential of a property and identify opportunities with this new source of council development data.

How might this be useful to you?

  • For Real Estate Professionals: being able to use zoning to help determine price potential, comparison against other properties, and useful when talking to potential purchasers
  • For Small Developers and (mature) Investors: Identifying properties with immediate development potential
  • For Valuers: assisting in determining value, accurate assessment based on actual council zoning

This new data is available right now to all of our customers, and is displayed within the Property Features panel on the Property Detail page.

Development Zone in RPP

Development Zone in RPP

The standard ‘Zoning’ value is the zoning as per the time of transaction, however the following is important to note:

  1. Sales Data is supplied by the State Govt not the councils, thus the current zoning values are referred to as ‘indicative’ and are mainly generalised values e.g. ‘Residential’
  2. The new Development Zone field is from the Councils themselves
  3. This new field is available to properties in Victoria, where previously our zoning data was lacking

This change puts you a step ahead when using CoreLogic RP Data – with new data integrated directly into our platforms, instead of linking out to council websites.

The data will also be available to our RP Data Pro mobile app in late Q4 or early Q1. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Customer Care on 1300 734 318, or email [email protected]