Nothing makes people happier than instant results.  In the same way that a TV chef will skip over the tedious baking process with a “Here’s one I prepared earlier,” a mortgage or finance broker can offer a client exactly the services required for their financial situation, provided they prepare in advance.

Here are some ways to achieve this level of readiness:

Know where your new clients are coming from

Keeping an eye on your local property market can give you an understanding of where you can expect to find new business.  Try to determine your addressable market and market share in your area, and where in the mortgage life cycle the majority of the market is positioned.  Once you understand your current position in the market, you can determine whether, for example, it would be better to offer starting packages to local renters looking to become first home buyers, or superior financial solutions to local investors looking to upgrade.

A Market Activity Report, Suburb Scorecard or Addressable Market Report from can be useful when trying to determine the kind of clients you’re likely to find in your area.  The Finance searches (found at the bottom of the Refine Search box on the left of your suburb search results  when using the Finance tab) offered by can also help give you an idea as to where the majority of your local market is positioned in the mortgage life cycle.

Offer more than just home loans

A mortgage and finance broker needs to change and evolve to help their clients.  When you look at your current or potential client base, you may find a percentage with a strong likelihood of requiring services such as insurance, car loans, income protection, budgeting assistance and more.  By making these services available from your office, you’ll have more than one means available to retain a current client or securing a new one.

RP Data’s filtered searches can help you determine the kind of services best suited to your market, and our CMA and AVM reports can be just as useful for completing these applications as they are for home loans.

Be the first to offer the right services

It’s no use having determined the best products and services to offer a client if a competitor secures their business first!  If you can determine when a client’s circumstances are changing, you can be their first point of contact when they start searching for solutions.

By using RP Data’s Property Monitor, you can be instantly alerted when circumstances change for a property owner, placing you in the best possible position to offer what they require.

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