We coach many brokers around Australia on how to grow their business using a quality marketing and client communication plan. Some achieve amazing results, while others will tell us that ‘marketing doesn’t work’.

When asked what activities they’ve been using to get results – it’s usually…’none’. Well there’s the problem.

Marketing can be as challenging as exercising, trying to get fitter or lose a little weight.

The gap between when we first decide to do something about our health/fitness/weight and when we actually start ‘doing’ it can often be a large one. For some, weeks or even months can drift by without putting on a pair of execrise pants (which still have the price tag on them). These pants may never surface from the draw. But those motivated enough know the turning point of when change needs to happen before you reach the end of no return.

We set the alarm the first day…but of course it’s raining so we postpone it to the next day. Tomorrow arrives and we press that snooze button (just for another five minutes) and then we repeat that pattern about six times until of course it becomes too late to go.

This behaviour can continue for weeks, even months, before something actually triggers us to take it seriously:

  • a health scare
  • too much puffing to get up a single flight of stairs
  • those pants that you have been squeezing into for months have just given in (and you refuse to buy the next size up)
  • or your 4 year old child asking why your tummy has gotten so big

Then we decide to take some action. Only now of course it’s not as easy as we want it to be.

Day 1 – The first time we go to the gym we stay a little while, try out a few machines then go home. We stand on the scales and guess what? No weight loss! Surprising?
Day 2 – We lift a few weights, run on the running machine for a whole 60 seconds, nearly pass out and then decide we should start by walking.
Day 3 – Ouch.
Day 4 – Muscles still hurt, perhaps we should stay home again today…
Day 5 – We decide that we will give it another go…

We finally get into a routine of exercise and go a few times a week. We eventually firgure out that for more effectiveness perhaps our diet needs to change.

Professional help

We decide to get a personal trainer (PT). Although expensive, it gets results! The money for a PT is an investment in our health. This not only speeds up our results, but we have someone else to help us maintain focus and direction. Someone to motivate us and hold us accountable to our goals.

BUT they won’t do it for us! We have to personally do the exercises and turn up each day. Our PT will determine what type of exercise we need to get our desired result (after all they are the experts – what we thought would work didn’t).

Can you see how this relates to marketing?

At first we might try a thing or two, and it doesn’t work. We are not consistent with our efforts, yet we expect great results. We try our own things and sometimes we get results, but once again…it’s not consistent. While we are expert loan writers, we don’t all have the marketing expertise to get the desired results. Sometimes we get lucky and the phone rings. But it doesn’t ring often enough.

When we finally invest in marketing, it hurts. Spending money on marketing is like pulling that first muscle. We try one or two things and if it doesn’t work we want to give up. We look for cheaper options but that doesn’t necessarily get results either (but at least we are doing something – right?)

So what’s the point here. Did we lose weight?

  • If you know you should be doing more with your marketing or client communication, start doing it now.
  • Make a decision to invest in marketing to your clients. If it’s done correctly the results will come.
  • When you do start, you will actually have to do something (maintain your database, update your client lists etc) on a regular basis.
  • If you invest in some professional help (a marketing coach) this will speed up your results. They will help maintain your focus on doing the ‘right’ things. They will motivate you to ‘pick up the phone’, send out that letter, update your database and fix that website.
  • They will help you stay accountable to your goals.

Not all marketing works!

Yes – investing in marketing is scary. But if you work with a professional team with years of experience and great support, then the risk begins to drop.

It’s all about momentum. You got started. Now you have a greater chance of the phone ringing than if you never started.

Deena and her team at Your Client Matters are passionate about educating mortgage brokers to deliver the best possible service to their clients and teach them how to build, grow and retain their client base. All brokers can adopt these simple and cost effective marketing strategies. YCM workshops and seminars also motivate brokers to understand how and why they should invest in their client base by staying in touch with them and educating them to refer leads and stay loyal. If you want to know more then you can contact Deena at Your Client Matters on 1300 926 000, or visit www.yourclientmatters.com.au

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