Some Australian real estate agents are finding more success using social media tools to grow their online profile than by using the same tools to sell property.

According to the Australian Financial Review*, the role of the agent is changing from a holder of market information for paying customers to that of a blogger, market commentator and community event facilitator, offering their insights free of charge.

As previously detailed in RP Data’s Social Media Seminars, held nationally in June and July of this year, social media is best used to build an agent’s profile in the community, facilitate communication and build trust with property buyers and sellers. Alternatively, using social media to conduct sales pitches can prove a turn-off to consumers.

In addition to maintaining Facebook and Twitter accounts and writing real estate blogs, some agents are communicating to their markets through regular videos summarising local market conditions, and managing websites of community event information, thereby positioning themselves as industry thought leaders.

With property buyers and sellers being better-informed than ever before, agents offering local market knowledge free of charge can take control of their relationship with their customers and build a network of strongly engaged buyers and sellers.

A good start to building your social media profile is to set up an rp.connect page, a free web site for RP Data subscribers where you can combine your social media feeds, blogs and other market information to demonstrate your expertise to consumers.

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*”Agents go online to stay in the picture”, Ben Hurley, Australian Financial Review, 22 September 2011