Deena Janes from Your Client Matters talks about having regular marketing campaigns to ensure you are reaching your client base in a timely manner.

Last month we talked about how to get more referrals from real estate agents. This month we are focusing on having a regular communication strategy with your clients to ensure every single one of your clients thinks about you the very next time they need a loan or are speaking to others when their friends are looking for a loan.

Data Monitor reported from a consumer survey at an MFAA conference a few years ago that 80% of broker’s clients would switch brokers if they thought they could get a better deal.

Doesn’t say much for client loyalty does it?

As a business owner it is really hard to know when to target your clients at the right time and what to send them when you do.

We recommend that you send information pieces (articles of interest, touch base letters…) to your clients ideally every month and no less than once per quarter.

Email is the cheapest way to do this, however direct marketing via post is also very effective if you have the right message.

Let’s say you have four different target markets:

  • First home buyers,
  • investors,
  • people with debt who need to consolidate, and
  • commercial clients.

How do you communicate with effectiveness to all of these different types of client?

You send out an “educational” targeted campaign every single month with different offerings.

Some brokers have already dissected their database and know their target markets. If this is you, then you can do a targeted campaign every month to your clients. However, in my experience, most brokers haven’t found the time to do this yet, so the strategy below is a great solution until you “get around to” dissecting your client base.

If you rotate the target every month then you will “touch” all of your clients in a focused way 3 times a year. In addition to your other marketing strategies, this is a great way to keep your clients educated and you “top of mind”. By sending this out to your whole database you will also gain the benefit of “someone always knows someone” who they can forward the campaign on to.

The trick here though is to be consistent, and regular. Keep it brief, informative and pose questions that will get them thinking or questioning if they have the right finance in place or need to purchase that next property. Then that phone will ring!

If you’re too busy to do this yourself, then outsource it to a specialist in your field. A good campaign system will reap you the rewards.

To learn more about having regular marketing campaigns that make your phone ring then call Your Client Matters today on 1300 926 000.

Thanks for reading this months tip, I hope you can use it.


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