We are pleased to announce the launch of SmartMove for real estate, a joint venture with our data partner Quantium.  With access to aggregated consumer data, we are able to understand more than ever about how people move.

For example:

  • Did you know the top 5 interstate suburbs people are moving to are all in Victoria?
  • People in Tasmania typically move the furthest?
  • People aged 65 and over move further than any other age group? 

These were all pieces of information we uncovered as we worked on developing SmartMove.

SmartMove is an easy to consume, one click PDF report that is available in RP Data Professional as an optional add on.  The design centres on a map of the local region, providing valuable information on the top suburbs people are moving from.


SmartMove provides you with information that helps you to tailor your marketing to achieve the optimum outcome for your customers.  With SmartMove, you will find out:

  1. What suburbs are people moving from
  2. What is the age profile of people moving into the suburb
  3. What are the characteristics of people moving into the suburb


Profiles are available at a suburb level, with over 5000 suburbs (92% property coverage!) available.  The data is regularly updated throughout the year, allowing you to understand any changes to the underlying data which drives the SmartMove product.

Use SmartMove to help demonstrate your local area expertise, and engage with those listing their properties to ensure you are helping them understand more about who their likely buyers will be.  Using this information to assist with staging of the property, and targeting of marketing activities, will help ensure the right people are coming through the door and the right people are motivated to transact!