Following on from our article last week, “Become a trusted adviser with RP Data” here are a few more ways to increase client retention…

Bricks and mortar are still a key component in the investment portfolios of Australians, so becoming a ‘go to’ person for your client’s property related matters makes sense and will assist in client retention and acquisition. These days clients expect you to have a comprehensive knowledge of mortgage products, property and current market conditions.

Keeping up-to-date on the property market might seem time consuming and you would probably prefer to be at the beach. However, there are many easy-to-use tools in RP Data that will assist you in adding value to your clients and becoming a trusted adviser.

Here are some additional ways to increase client retention:

Valuation Services
Use the Automated Valuation Model (AVM), CMA or Electronic Valuation Review (EVR) to make a fair estimate of value on the property so you can properly advise the client and set realistic expectations on a property’s value. This will also cut down on the number of loans that are rejected by banks due to valuation and will also help prevent short falls on valuations.

Create Your Own Brochure
Create your own personalised, branded brochure loaded with statistics and information from RP Data’s reports (such as the Suburb Scorecard, Market Scorecard, Auction Clearance Results, Pulse newsletters).


…Stay tuned for more great tips next week!