With recent positive growth in home loan activity, each mortgage application needs to be processed for approval as quickly and carefully as possible to maximise its likelihood of approval. This is where RP Data can help.

Considering a client’s credit worthiness and taking into account their income and expenses is an essential part of the application process, but can take time to manage. It can also cost you time if a lender disputes part of the application and you need to gather data to back up your position.

Automated Valution Report

So how can you determine if a client can service a debt without undue hardship, and resolve external disputes before they begin?

An AutoVal Report (AVM) solutions provide you with the ability to quickly and efficiently value large numbers of residential properties. Either performed individually or as part of a portfolio, our first class AVMs will quickly and accurately value your properties. AutoVals can help you to:

  • Increase the speed of mortgage loan origination
  • Become more competitive by incrementally decreasing the cost of loan processing in line with LVR risk
  • Have the RP Data AVM models identify customers with additional equity capacity
  • Reduce the time to value a portfolio from weeks into hours
  • Perform dynamic mortgage portfolio valuations to increase quality of investor reporting

See how easy it is to generate an Automated Valuation report, watch our 1 minute video. To view an example AVM report, click here.

Log in to RP Professional today to generate an AVM that will suit the needs of both clients and lenders and smooth the application process. For more information on how to generate other reports take advantage of our popular training program taught by RP Data training specialists, rpdata.com/training. Alternatively,  call 1300 734 318 and talk to our Customer Care team.



Generating an RP AutoVal Valuation Report from RP Data on Vimeo.