CoreLogic has revised commercial auction results to the 10th of February, which indicate a slight increase in activity as the year progresses.

Listings in the second week of February ramped up to 11, compared with just five in the previous week. Three of the 11 listings cleared at auction, bringing the clearance rate up to 27.27% from the previous week of 20%.

The sales for the week ending 10th of February had a combined worth of $2.75 million, also up from $1.58 million in the previous week.

The following image summarises the type and value of properties sold at auction collected by CoreLogic across the country.

Revised Commercial Auction results to February 10th 2017

Unsurprisingly, the high performing economies of New South Wales and Victoria have seen most of the first few sales in 2017. The average sale price is just under $1 million.

Eliza Owen
Commercial Research Analyst, CoreLogic