In order to attract new clients in today’s market an agent needs to utilise various elements of their marketing toolkit including creating an online presence and social media. However it’s important to remember the tried and tested methods that have served property professionals well in the past.

Word of mouth marketing and testimonials, are inexpensive and effective tools and can integrate well with  social media. In years gone by you might have encouraged your satisfied clients to recommend you to their friends in passing, now you can ask them to ‘like’ you on Facebook or ask them to write a testimonial on your Facebook page which is a relatively new feature. However, repeat traffic to you Facebook is somewhat difficult to achieve, which is where your testimonials displayed on your website are a must-have marketing strategy.

Just remember, when it comes to writing testimonials there are many items to consider:

  • Ensure that your client is happy for their name to be included in the testimonial.
  • Aim to generate a number of testimonials based on your different target audiences.
  • Use a feedback form to generate specific responses.
  • Ask for a testimonial upon completion of a successful settlement.

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