When market activity is flat, every transaction is vital. Each loan application needs to be processed for approval as quickly and carefully as possible to maximise its likelihood of approval. RP Data’s Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Reports can add value to the application process in more ways than one.

Previously we have discussed how to attract buyers with a CMA Report. This is one of the many ways these reports can be utilised. An RP Data CMA report can also match a property to a client’s needs analysis, comparing this with local market information to make sure that the property is in line with their needs, expectations and circumstances.

You can also include a CMA report with a loan application to a lender as an illustration of the rationale behind your recommendations. Demonstrating current market conditions will support your decision and your recommendations to your client and facilitate the loan approval process. Lenders will also find the report helpful in answering questions.

Log in to rp.professional today to generate a CMA report that will suit the needs of both clients and lenders and smooth the application process. For more information on building your own custom CMA watch out tutorial video, call 1300 734 318 or book an advanced training session by visiting rpdata.com/training.