Connect with your clients through their key needsWith the footy season done and dusted for another year, new research has found using sport to kick off a sales pitch and trying to win prospective clients can have the opposite effect to building rapport.

This is according to Sales Acuity consulting director Chantel Lord who was interviewed in Mortgage Professional Australia Magazine.

“Talking about the football for 10 minutes is not rapport,” she says. “Rapport should be about gathering intelligence and making sure the person across the desk from you knows that you can help them with something they want. Rapport is made up of a number of personality traits, not just the ‘gift of the gab’.”

Ms Lord adds that the amount of sales preparation the best in the business put in to reach the top appears especially underrated.

“People with a strong track record in sales often rely on ‘winging it’ almost exclusively at the expense of preparation,” says Lord. “But looking at the competency of great salespeople, many of them in their 50s who have built a successful career on it, preparation is absolutely key.”

The article lists the top five mistakes made by salespeople:

  1. Confusing making small talk with establishing rapport and controlling the sale.
  2. Not preparing for each sales conversation with a specific close in mind.
  3. Believing that they don’t sell, they build relationships.
  4. Not gathering intelligence or uncovering a specific need.
  5. Inability to create certainty in a prospects mind about their products, themselves or their company.

RP Data can help you avoid these mistakes with thorough preparation undertaken in rp.professional. Prior to any sales call you can look up your client’s property assets, run a quick rp.autoval (AVM) in addition to a Comparison Market Analysis (CMA) report to go that extra step for your client.

Once you have gathered intelligence and uncovered your client’s specific needs, you can delve deeper into the RP Data toolkit to produce detailed property reports that are tailored specifically to your client’s needs. Regardless of the outcome, you can set up an alert using Property Monitor to follow up at a later date.

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Source: Mortgage Professional Australia Magazine

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