A recent article in The Adviser, Brokers set to embrace social media, pointed to new research which indicated over 75% of brokers were planning to increase their level of engagement with the various social media platforms.

The most popular platforms the brokers intend on utilising are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs.

There are a number of reasons why it is important for brokers to put more emphasis on their social media presence. When it comes to property research, consumers continue to spend more time on the internet (particularly using mobile devices) than anywhere else and having a social media presence assists in improving search website rankings.

This is where your free rp.connect website can help drive more prospects to your door (online).

rp.connect is a personal website that you can use to provide information about you and what’s happening in your area. It can be used as a blogging platform and a forum to discuss interesting facts about your local area and the property market. It adds personality to your profile by showing clients who you are, what your track record is and what your other clients think of you.

Creating an rp.connect page also positions you as a local expert on myrpdata.com, letting users find you when searching for property information in the area.

myrpdata is Australia’s leading consumer property report website which receives thousands of property buyers, sellers and investors every month. So what does this mean? By having your page displayed in your top 5 selected suburbs means you have a greater chance of being clicked on. In today’s digital world, being clicked on is as important as a new prospect walking through your front door. At the very least, one additional lead will bring you great fruition. In addition, you will have greater reach of these prospects by allowing them to Like your Facebook page or Follow you on Twitter. You can link your Facebook and Twitter pages to your rp.connect site, which lets you update and manage both sites from the one location.

Having an rp.connect webpage will also increase your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), meaning that when someone searches online for your name, or for the key suburb words you’ve been blogging with, this will bring your rp.connect site into their search results.

Setting up your page is easy! Visit rpdata.com/connect to see how or if you’re more of a visual person, watch our video’s here.

If you’d rather speak with someone, call us on 1300 734 318 or book a free training session with an rpdata specialist and let them take you through the steps.


Content Source: The Adviser, theadviser.com.au