Show your market knowledge with our range or property reports“We are in the age of ‘all about me’!” Comments ING Direct’s Executive Director of Distribution Lisa Claes, in an interview with Mortgage Professional Australia. With brokers fixated on driving new business, Ms Claes believes they are missing out on big opportunities in innovation within their current client bases.

A finalist in the Business Innovation category of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards, Ms Claes adds that the mortgage industry holds a wealth of opportunity for innovation.

“If you look at what the needs are for customers; they want their needs met quickly, they want value and they expect their broker or adviser to know about them, because we are in the age of ‘all about me’, then there’s a lot of opportunity for innovation.”

Ms Claes suggests focussing on ways of making existing customers happier is particularly important for brokers, for whom referrals are crucial.

“Every touch point should be an opportunity, in an intelligent and respectful and meaningful way, to sell. Don’t wait for your customer to ring you up and ask how their loan is, there’s reasons every day to create those touch points, external risk… there’s a lot happening in the world!

“It can be as simple as sending an email saying ‘Give me a call if you want to chat about what interest rates are doing and we can look at your loan’. People want you to be interested in them and what they’re doing, so it won’t be shunned, it’ll be invited.”

Providing additional property reports within your local area will also provide evidence of your local market knowledge. Ensure you offer third party reports and become the trusted provider to your clients and referrals. Great reports available in your RP Data subscription are the AVM and CMA reports. These tailored report can substantiate the advice you provide to customers and can create opportunities for meaningful touch points.

CMA reportsComparative Market Analysis report (CMA) – An effective tool to connect with your customers is to produce a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) if they are looking to sell or re-finance. That way you can show your clients properties that have successfully sold and those that haven’t, then provide your own insight as to why you think this was the case.

rp.autoval report (AVM) – Is an instant you can also prepare an rp.autoval report for your client. It is a tangible way of showing a seller what their house is worth there and then in their own home. With the use of an iPad or laptop all you need to do is ask a few questions and customers see a valuation in front of their eyes. It can be emailed it to them straight away while you are still on the premises.

Log in to RP Professional to build your next CMA or AVM. For more information on how to prepare tailored property reports call us on 1300 734 318 or visit to book an Advanced Training session.

Source: Mortgage Professional Australia

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