I’m pleased to give you a sneak peek of a new feature in the upcoming release of RP Data Pro!

By far our most requested feature since the launch of RP Data Pro, you’ve asked for the ability to filter by Suburb as well as State when doing a Name Search. It’s finally almost here!

Check out the screenshots below for both iPhone and iPad.

Name Search by Suburb

Name Search by Suburb on iPhone

Name Search by Suburb

Name Search by Suburb on iPad

When entering the Suburb, you’ll receive suggestions based on the partial suburb name you’ve entered. Just choose from the suggestions, and the Suburb and State will be filled in. Suggestions will only be returned for suburbs in NSW, QLD and WA* . You can also still choose to search just by State.

Also don’t forget, that the RP Data Pro Name Search is more useful than the name search in the previous Mobile Pro app, as it finds and returns all properties where the given Name played a role (as the buyer or vendor), not just ‘current owners’.

The next release, v1.7 is going to be a big one – our biggest since launch, and we’re just a few weeks away from it hitting the App Store. So look out for your App Store updates in early December.

* Name search is only available in NSW, QLD and WA due to supplier restrictions.