Territory builder is a great tool for both a one off report on what is happening in your market, and to help monitor your specific market trends of interest.  Uptake has been rapid, with more than a thousand property professionals creating many thousands of territories and actively using them.

The power of territory builder is how it ‘hooks into’ the other features of RP Professional so all the lists, filters, reports, and monitoring of properties are available for the territory you have created.  This makes it a ‘create once use many times’ feature of RP Professional.

Let us go through a quick example:

Create a territory of your choice.  Say the riverfront properties on either side of the river in Brisbane (downstream of the city so unflooded!):


Create a new territory:



After naming and saving the territory, if you now click on the territory name you will get details on the properties in this territory (in this case 924 properties):



As you can see – there are 924 properties in the territory.

We can filter these to only a subset we are interested in, say houses only:



Which drops the number to 172 houses.

We can then monitor them for future alerts:



We can see how many were advertised for rent in the past 6 months, and run a rental comparison report:


Some nice rents there!

Similarly we could run a sold report and get an idea of our share of sales in just waterfront properties, or an on the market report (listings).

Of course our territory is available whenever we log in, so we can run these reports as often as we need to – a great way to track, report on and action what is happening in your particular territory of interest, and to see your market share of listings, sales and rentals.

A note of clarification – territory builder does use our geocoding of all properties in the database.  Although we are easily the best at geocoding, there are sometimes properties that are incorrectly ‘geocoded’ and they might then appear in your territory (or might be missed from your territory).  The gap is only a couple of percentage points, and we constantly work to reduce it to as low a number as possible.  If you see a property that should not be there – please hit the ‘update data’ link and let us know!

Watch this space – we will power the results from your territory queries in even more ways in the next release in early March.